2019 : Investigations of dipole moment effects of fluorofunctionalized electrolyte additives in a lithium ion battery

Nur Laila Hamidah S.T., M.Sc.


Bismaleimides modified through fluorosubstitution constitute two new electrolyte additives that have been successfully synthesized and used in lithium ion batteries. Fluorosubstitution significantly eliminates the interface impedances of the two electrodes and improves the rate performance of batteries because of the reduced LiF and Li2CO3 content in a solid electrolyte interphase. This study indicates that between the symmetric (two fluorosubstitutions) and asymmetric (one fluorosubstitution) designs of fluorosubstitution in bismaleimide structures, the symmetric design effectively inhibits the direct electrochemical reduction of –C=C– in bismaleimide on a graphite surface and reacts with ethylene carbonate in accordance with the high strength of the dipole moment. A cyclic voltammetry and battery measurements indicate considerable improvements due to the addition of bismaleimide modified through symmetric …