2016 : Media support for elicitation in virtual multidisciplinary design

Dr Christiono Utomo S.T., M.T.



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Conflicts and disputes are usually found in multidisciplinary design process. Well maintained conflicts will lead to support the achievement of best design. Conversely, the bad ones will lead to failures and unfinished design. Competition and also market's needs and desires have encouraged industries as well as their design managers to innovate their product design, especially in construction industries. Rapid development of commercial properties has forced design teams to innovate their works. Multidisciplinary parties are needed in dealing with this reality. Experts with various disciplines and backgrounds are essentially involved in design process. Virtual design turns into practical solution in dealing with the issues of time and place availability between parties. Additionally, technical conflicts appear as result of failure in managing the process of design development and its design elicitation. This issue is found to …