2015 : Traffic Light Duration Arrangement Based on CCTV Recording and Analysis Signalized Intersection Algorithm

Prof. Ir. Handayani Tjandrasa M.Sc., Ph.D.


Common problem in big cities is traffic congestion. It causes fuel loss, time loss, and productivity loss. Inappropriate traffic light duration has contribution to traffic congestion. To reduce the traffic congestion that is caused by the inappropriate traffic light duration, we propose adaptive traffic light duration arrangement based on the road conditions (number of passing vehicles and road width). This system use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to capture video footage and send it to data server via Virtual Private Network. The data server stored the video recording, then uses it in processing server with restoration and morphology process to calculate the number of passing vehicles. Number of vehicles and road width is processed using an analysis signalized intersection algorithm to obtain optimum traffic light cycle time duration.