2016 : Visual Qualities of Darmo Heritage Street Corridor in Surabaya, Indonesia

Prof. Ir. Endang Titi Sunarti BD M.Arch., Ph.D


In modern times, the original state of Darmo street corridor in Surabaya is losing focus as more and more progressive development occur and people increasingly using vehicles to navigate across the city district rather than being pedestrians and walk to their destinations just like the past times. The occured phenomenon: there are visual contrasts between original dutch-colonial buildings and its environment, to the refurbished buildings in the form of dimension and proportion of building components that viewed by observer. Thus a study is needed to identify Darmo condition as one of the Surabaya’s historical site to find out what kind of visual qualities potential possessed by the heritage buildings forms and its surroundings. Results revealed that there is a strong connection between good visual qualities of heritage buildings and proper visibility towards observer. While pedestrian realm should be able to provide support for the existing visual qualities.