2014 : The Application Of Sustainable Urban Street Concept In A. Yani Surabaya Street Corridor Arrangement To Improve The Quality Of Corridor Environment

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D


A. Yani street corridor has an important role as one of the commercial corridor on the urban primary arterial street in Surabaya. The tendency about quick development of the corridor urge to an extremely high mobility and impact on the environmental quality of the corridor, both physical environment, visual, or ecological. The concept of" sustainable urban street" is one of the concepts that can be applied to the A. Yani street corridor arrangement to improve environmental quality and economic value of the street corridor. This qualitative research using qualitative descriptive and walkthroughs analysis techniques, by the observation and documentation techniques for data collection. The result of this research is a referral arrangement of the street corridor which includes arrangement about aspects of mobility, ecology, and community as the aspects to form" sustainable urban street” considerely the characteristic of corridor to provide balanced benefits in the present and future (sustainable).