2015 : Traffic flow quality as part of network quality for a sparse road network

Dr. Ir. Hitapriya Suprajitno M.Eng


Sparse Road Networks are dominant in Indonesia, e.g. the regency, the provincial and the national road network. For these cases, measuring the network quality, apart from the physical qualities of the road segments and the intersections, is very important. The quality measure must be based on how the network can perform its function. Three main road network function as a measure of network quality are: to connect different points, to flow the traffic and to cover the area in a certain density. This paper is designated to present the research result on formulating the traffic flow quality as part of network quality and on developing its calculation method. It can be concluded that the research objectives have been attained, the traffic flow quality has been formulated and its calculation method has been also developed. Two type of measure of traffic flow quality: the flow itinerary quality and the flow fluidity quality. The fluidity …