2015 : The Climate Conscious Concept of Majapahit Settlement in Trowulan, East Java

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D


Curiosity about how the ancestors in Nusantara pass on local wisdom in their harmonize with the climate and the environment to create physiological comfort, directing research on the cultural environment of Majapahit, as a largest Hindu civilization at Nusantara in the 13th until 16th century, in harmony with nature to be able to sustain until now in Bali.This study aims to find the climate conscious concept from Majapahit settlements that can be used as an example in the present and the future. The research was a qualitative descriptive research method of the historical-intrepretive research. There were three principal planned research process: first, the theoretical study of the Majapahit settlement in Trowulan in the climate anticipated; second, empirical study on the site, artifacts and comparing the settlement patterns in the traditional villages in Bali and the last is analysis and evaluation. The results that the …