2016 : Preparation and structural study of Mg1− xZnxTiO3 ceramics and their dielectric properties from 1 Hz to 7.7 GHz

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


A series of Mg1−x Zn x TiO3, x = 0–0.5 (MZT0–MZT0.5) ceramics was synthesised and characterised. The dielectric properties of the samples in the frequency range of 1 Hz–7.7 GHz were explored using three different methods: a contacting electrode method, a parallel-plate method and a perturbed resonator method. The electrical properties in the space charge and dipolar polarisation frequency ranges are discussed in relation to the phase composition and microstructure data. Differences in the zinc substitution divided the dielectrics into two groups, namely MZT0–MZT0.2 and MZT0.3–MZT0.5, each with different amount of a main Mg1−x Zn x TiO3 solid solution phase and a secondary solid solution phase. Zinc substitution promoted the density of the ceramics, improved the purity of the main phase and increased the permittivity for …