2016 : Parametric Optimization of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Process on AISI H13 Tool Steel using Weigthed Principal Component Analysis (WPCA) and Taguchi Method

Ir. Bobby Oedy Pramoedyo S. MSc., Ph.D.


Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) plays a significant role in the manufacturing process for various industries. In the WEDM process, the objective is always to get improved Material Removal Rate (MRR) along with achieving better surface quality of machined component. An Experimental Investigation was conducted to determine the setting parameters appropriate WEDM process to maximize the material removal rate, minimize kerf and surface roughness of workpiece material. The experimental design used is based on orthogonal matrix L18 design. WEDM process parameters to be determined the setting are the arc on time, on time, open voltage, off time and servo voltage. The results showed have shown that the parameters arc on time, on time, open voltage, and off time have the greatest contribution in reducing the variation of responses were observed simultaneously.