2017 : Economic dispatch of multi microgrid systems with renewable energy sources using particle swarm optimization

Prof. Dr. Ontoseno Penangsang Ir. M.Sc.



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This paper uses particle swarm optimization (PSO) to develop modified economic dispatch of multi microgrid (MMG) system with renewable energy sources. MMG system consists of several microgrids, microgrids with generator sets and microgrids with renewable energy sources. Combination of several microgrids into MMG system can minimize the use of generator sets or traditional generator and maximize the use of microgrid with renewable energy sources. The participations of those two types of microgrids are calculated based on their characteristics. The proposed method considers the microgrid as a power source or a load. This economic scheduling model is performed interactively between the generator set and microgrid. The objective of this paper is to minimize the operating costs of MMG system. The simulation results show that operating costs with and without MG renewable energy sources are 100233 …