2015 : The Efficiency of Settlement Land Arrangement Case Study: Taman Gunung Anyar Housing in Surabaya

Ir. Rika Kisnarini


The increasing of population in urban area results in the increase of the housing need and it is followed by the increase of land demand. So that, the development of settlement that considered based on sustainability principle plays an important role for the realization of land use that can be built optimally and efficiently. Therefore, this research needs to be done to propose formulation design concepts for housing site plan rearrangement to make it more efficient. This study used research method and design method. The research method used qualitative research strategy, while data collection techniques used observation and interview with qualitative descriptive analysis technique. While the process of design method included analysis, synthesis, appraisal and decision. The result of this study is design alternative of housing site plan which is proposed to be more efficient.