2015 : Partnership in Building Community Resilience on Disaster in the Region of Coral Triangle, Indonesian Case

Prof.Ir. Agoes Pratikto M.Sc Ph.D


Indonesia is located in the area what so called of ring of fires therefore the probability of coastal vulnerability is very high. By its location is facing possible disasters namely earth quake and tsunami, flood, hurricane and storm, climate change and sea level rise (SLR), and others. Since the coastal areas are mostly inhabited (145 million) and having the situation that coastal areas prone to the potential disasters therefore it is necessary to increase the capacity of the people who are living in the coastal areas. Capacity building to the people or to the community will reflect the ability of the people coping coastal hazards and disasters. This paper will explain how to build a Community Resilience1 in order to increase the ability to reduce risks or probability of risks on possible potential disasters.