2016 : CFD simulation of hydrodynamic characteristics on pulse combustor

Prof.Dr.Ir. Sugeng Winardi M.Eng
Dr.Eng Widiyastuti ST., MT.


The purpose of this research is to study the simulation of the combustion characteristics and performances in pulse combustor using different excess air composition and different pulse combustor geometry using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software Ansys FLUENT 15.0. The distribution of temperature, pressure, and fluid velocity using 2D axisymmetric with k-ε turbulence models. Two kind geometries of pulse combustors were selected and compared their performance. The first combustor, called geometry A has expanded tail-pipe with diameter 10 mm expanded to 20 mm with length 86 mm. The second combustor, called geometry B has cylinder tailpipe which 10 mm in diameter and 200 mm in length. Air and propane were selected as oxidizer and fuel, respectively, at temperature 27°C and pressure 1 atm with varied excess air of 0%, 23%, 200%, and 500%. The simulation result shows that the …