2015 : Three Wheel Bike As Physical Therapy Equipment For Post-Stroke Patient.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Ir. I Made Londen Batan M.Eng


Three wheel bike as a physical therapy equipment for post-stroke patients was designed with length of 1937 mm, 1010 mm in width and height of 905 mm. The bike is designd ergonomic and can be driven by rider foot or hand simultaneously. By using CATIA software the strength of material bike frame was analyst to support 100 kg of load. The design is realized into a prototype. The performance of bike prototype is tested, and the result sows that the function of bike mechanisme is fulfilled. By 10 respondents, who have a standard body mass index, the pedal test was conducted, and the result indicates that, the higher the speed of the pedal, the higher the energy consumption to pedaling. Leg tension muscles is measured by leg-dynamometer before and after pedaling, and the result shows the tension muscle is proportional to the increase of pedal speed. In order to evaluate the ergonomic aspect of bike design, the …