2014 : Culture Wisdom of" Ngata Toro" in the Establishment of Territory as an Effort to Maintain the Environment

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D
Ir. Muhammad Faqih MS


This study discusses the concept of territorial behavior of space-related studies that examined on the social and cultural aspects of Ngata Toro community in the traditional settlements context. The interaction of individuals and communities in an environment, the concept of territory is more than the demand for a local spatial and physical, but also emotional and cultural needs of the society. This study has focused on the establishment of territorial space related behavioral and cultural aspects of society in the traditional settlement context. Cultural factors in the traditional settlement has a very important influence in maintaining the environment.The establishment territory of Ngata Toro region is more than just the spatial and physical demands, but as a cultural and emotional attachment needs of society in protecting the environment. The results of this study indicate that the establishment territorial space that is based on cultural wisdom possessed by Ngata Toro community as an effort to maintain territory and maintain the existing natural resources. From these results indicate the presence of cultural and behavioral factors have an influence in the establishment the territory as a interrelationships between humans and the environment.