2013 : The rule of carrier gas flow rate to Li+ diffusivity of LiFePo 4 particles as lithium battery application

Prof.Dr.Ir. Sugeng Winardi M.Eng


The effect carrier gas flow rate to particles characteristic was studied experimentally and numerically. Experimental investigation was carried out using flame spray pyrolysis method. LPG and free air were used as fuel and oxidizer, respectively. LiOH, (NH4)2HPO4 and FePO4.7H2O were used as anorganic precursor. Numerical method was studied using ANSYS FLUENT 14.5 with finite volume technique. Annealing process was followed to increase the particles crystallinity. The results indicated that increasing the carrier gas flow rate caused decreasing the flame temperature. The crystallinity of particles increased proportional to flame temperature rising. Scanning Electrostatic Microscopy (SEM) revealed that the particles have sphere morphology. The particle size was decreased by increasing carrier gas flow rate. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) showed the PO4 functional group. Increasing carrier gas flow rate …