2018 : Multi response optimization of thrust force and delamination in carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) drilling using backpropagation neural network-particle swarm optimization (BPNN-PSO)

Ir. Bobby Oedy Pramoedyo S. MSc., Ph.D.
Sutikno ST., MT.


Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite materials used in the aircraft structural component, such as wings and rudder, have increased significantly. Drilling of these composite structure is essential to install fasteners for assembly. Thrust force (Fz) and hole exit delamination (FDe) are the responses that used to evaluate the performance of drilling process. The quality characteristic of these responses is “smaller-is-better.” This experiment aims to identify the combination of process parameters for achieving required multiple performance characteristics in drilling process of CFRP composite materials. The three important process parameters such as drill geometry (Pa), spindle speed (n) and feeding speed (Vf) were used as input parameters. Drill type was set at two different levels, while the other two were set at three different levels. Hence, 2Ã?3Ã?3 full factorials were used as design experiments, the …