2016 : Alternative design of wastewater treatment plant with anaerobic baffled reactor and anaerobic filter for romokalisari flats surabaya

Ir. Mohammad Razif MM.



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Romokalisari flats are located at Surabaya City and have been built since 2015. Although this flats is relatively new, this flats have some difficulties that caused by the absence of grey water treatment. Furthermore, the untreated septic tank discharge water can endanger the quality of ground water. Thus, additional wastewater treatment needs to be built to treat the issue. This design gives two alternatives that will be used, Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (ABR) and Anaerobic Filter (AF). The two units are selected because of the cheap construction and operational cost as well as an easy maintenance. The dimension calculation of both ABR and AF are referring to a design criteria. The DED, BOQ, and total cost each of units are including the operational and maintenance (OM) cost planned for five year range. The result of calculation will be compared and selected to which unit that will be used in the flats. The total …