2017 : Design of Wastewater Treatment Plant by Using Anaerobic Filter Process on Five-Star Hotels in Surabaya

Ir. Mohammad Razif MM.


Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city and the capital of East Java Province, has been one of the most important and busiest trading city ports in Asia. Due to its potential, facility and geography advantages, Surabaya has great economic potential, for example, the hotel business is one of the most rapidly growing business in Surabaya. The hotel is a commercial establishment that provides lodging, meals, and other guest services. Since it provides services for human activities, hotel produces waste such as wastewater and solid waste. Hotel wastewater are produced from hotel activities which come from cooking residue, restroom, spa, swimming pool, etc. In this study, wastewater produces is treated by wastewater treatment with an anaerobic filter as the alternative. The parameters of wastewater used are COD, BOD, TSS and oil and grease. Characteristics of wastewater are based on secondary data from earlier experimental studies with five stars hotel as the objects. Calculation of dimension based on DEWATS module. According to the results of the calculation, Anaerobic Filter is designed with one septic tank and eight compartments. Total dimension of anaerobic filter from calculation result is 16 mx 4, 5 mx 2, 5 m and total removal efficiency are COD 88, 10%, BOD 91, 16%, TSS 65, 97%.