2015 : Maximum power point tracking photovoltaic using root finding modified bisection algorithm

Dr.Ir Soedibyo MMT.
Ciptian Weried Priananda S.ST., M.T


Photovoltaic is one of the most potential energy sources for the future, this is due to its characteristics pollution free also unlimited of availability. Maximum power point tracking methods are needed to make photovoltaic energy harvesting more efficient, modified bisection algorithms used as maximum power point tracking algorithm is embedded into the microcontroller ATMega 16. Modified bisection algorithm method divides the search area of the maximum power into two sections, and continues to be divided up by the specified iterations or when the power deviation compare to the voltage changes is zero. The simulation results show that modified bisection algorithm for tracking photovoltaic's maximum power is potentially could theoretically to be implemented. On testing implementations use the microcontroller ATMega 16 found that when the potential value of the power is approximatelly 70 watt photovoltaic, then …