2018 : The benefit attributes of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) product

Prof. Ir. Moses Laksono Singgih M.Sc Ph.D


This research aims to measure the benefit of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) product not only came from the company perceptions but also came from the government, academician, and consumer perceptions in Surabaya. The empirical study result showed that all of the respondents had a positive perception on the SNI product. They stated agreement that the SNI product had benefit on the attributes: quality guarantee of product, safe to use, a fair prices, quality of raw materials, and efficiency. Those attributes support the enhancement of company’s competitiveness. However, most of the respondents of companies and consumers state did not know about the quality guarantee of the SNI product. The results were contradictory, the respondents who came from the companies knew more about quality guarantee of the SNI product compared to the other respondents. Furthermore, the respondents of …