2015 : The Influence of Adding Bio Inhibitor Sarang Semut (Myrmecodia pendans) to Carbon Steel API 5L Grade B in Solution of HCl 1 M

Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdullah Shahab M.Sc.


Article PreviewArticle PreviewInhibitor is generally known as one of many alternatives to control corrosion rate. These days, there is the rapid development in which finding inhibitor made from natural ingredient that is really eco-friendly. This research use type of sarang semut, Myrmecodia Pendans (MP), as bio inhibitor with concentrate level for about 0-500 mg/L and also using the material of carbon steel API 5L Grade B, and HCl 1 M as such corrosive media. The affectivity of bio inhibitor is generally known through such calibration which is called as Weight Loss, Potentiodynamic Polarization Test, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Test, and X-Ray Diffraction Test. The test results show that when it is added with bio inhibitor, there is the decreasing of corrosion rate from 109.88 mpy to 39.294 mpy in concentration level of 500 mg/L. Inhibition mechanism occurred is that there is the formation of a thin layer on …