2017 : Study of Water Balance in Gresik District

Prof.Ir. Wahyono Hadi M.Sc Ph.D


Study of water balance in Gresik District difference the equilibrium about domestic and non-domestic water demand with the existing supply so that the source debit can be prepared for the next 20 years demand. Water service area for Gresik District Year 2016 is 37.37% or 60.65% from the whole service area. The method used is field survey for existing condition of Regional Water Company (PDAM) water source. Projection calculation for citizen number and water demand is used in next 20 years. The result of this study shows the potential of raw water used from Umbulan with 1,000 L/sec and Bengawan Solo raw water with 1,000 L/sec. Projection for water demand for both domestic and non-domestic for year 2037 is 3,081 L/sec. Water balance result of PDAM water for year 2037 water supply is 3,006 total with defisit is 75 L/sec. Thus, for the year 2037 supply debit needs to be added to fulfill the demand.