2018 : A comparative study of base isolation devices in light rail transit structure featured with lead rubber bearing and friction pendulum system

Prof.Ir. Priyo Suprobo M.Sc Ph.D



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Advanced nonlinear analysis in light rail transit (LRT) structures has been undertaken to examine the influence of seismic isolation devices for reducing seismic demand. The study employed the use of two types of commercially available bearings, namely lead rubber bearing (LRB) and friction pendulum system (FPS). Six LRT structures, designed to be built in Surabaya, were modelled using computer-aided software SAP2000, where each of the three structures consisted of three types of LRB and FPS placed onto the pier cap to support the horizontal upper-structural member. Nonlinear static pushover and dynamic time history analysis with seven improved ground motion data was performed to gain improved insights on the behavioural response of LRT structures, allowing one to fully understand the supremacy of seismic isolations for protecting the structure against seismic actions. It is shown that both devices …