2015 : The Coastal Changes and It's Influence on the Spatial Configuration of Mariso Settlement, Indonesia

Prof. Ir. Endang Titi Sunarti BD M.Arch., Ph.D


This paper discusses the coastal changes in relation to the spatial configuration development of Mariso settlement. Mariso settlement is located on the waterfront of Makassar city, Indonesia, and it is develops due to reclamation. It is causes the spatial configuration changes of Mariso settlement. Method of space syntax was used to analysis. It is an imaging technique, quantification and interpretation of the spatial configuration. This analysis will be interpreted the spatial configuration and spatial integration of Mariso settlement. This research is focused to explain the development of settlement formed in 1980 and 2013. Result of this research showed that the spatial configuration of Mariso settlement has been developing from nondistributed to distributed, and it is forming the spaces more integrated. The coastal changes to be settlement has formed the spatial configuration more integrated. This integration concept could be the basis for the waterfront settlement development.