2012 : Importance of functionality in realizing sustainability of low cost apartments in Surabaya, Indonesia

Ir. Rika Kisnarini


This paper researches daily household activities and use of space at low cost apartments in Surabaya, Indonesia. In-depth interviews on where & how much space required for activities were done. Functionality is assessed by standards and classified as highly, functional, less, and non-functional. Findings: 13 of 14 apartments have open floor plans with no fixed partitioning; 70% families tend to separate private from the more public space; families entertain, eat, iron, play, work and relax while watching TV in the more public space of multi-functional zone in the unit. Units are concluded less sufficient especially for multi-functional and toilet spaces. It is recommended that unit area of 18 m 2 be discontinued. To be functional, developed unit should be at least 32 m 2.