2015 : Providing Adaptability of Space to Ensure Sustainable Living in Low Cost Housing in Indonesia

Ir. Rika Kisnarini


Land scarcity made the Indonesian government decided to develop low cost flats to solve the problem for housing the urban poor rather than ground bound single housing (Kementrian PU, 2012). Not all houses offered to the relocated households have shown to be widely accepted (ADB, 2003). They were difficult to expand as changing family circumstances dictated. Adaptations to meet the changed users’ requirements involve demolition and result in waste generation which is detrimental to sustainable development (Friedman, 2007).Through activity based analysis, this research aimed to evaluate adaptability of space due to sustainable living in the low cost housing in Indonesia. For this, 300 families of all 14 low cost rental apartment locations were investigated as the total of apartment units in Surabaya was 3459, therefore 21-27 units of each location were taken as sample. Result shows that for functionality, all …