2019 : Comparison of stemming algorithms and its effect on Indonesian text processing

Dr. Ir. Aris Tjahyanto M.Kom.


Stemming is one of the stages performed on the process of extracting information from the text. Stemming is a process of converting words into their roots. There is an indication that the most accurate stemmer algorithm is not the only way to achieve the best performance in information retrieval (IR). In this study, seven Indonesian stemmer algorithms and an English stemmer algorithm are compared, they are Nazief, Arifin, Fadillah, Asian, Enhanched confix stripping (ECS), Arifiyanti and Porter. The data used are 2,734 tweets collected from the official twitter account of PLN. First, the aims are to analyze the correlation between stemmer accuracy and information retrieval performance in Indonesian text language. Second, is to identify the best algorithm for Indonesian text processing purpose. This research also proposed improved algorithm for stemming Indonesian text. The result shows that correlation found in the …