2015 : The dimensions of student well-being

Ir. Yuwono MT.


Student wellbeing becomes an important indicator to assess whether the school has been carry out its role well. Currently instruments used by researchers in Indonesia adopted from the instrument of the West (mainly United State and Australia), whereas psychological wellbeing is a construct that is not culture free. Therefore, efforts to explore the dimensions that are used to measure the student wellbeing in Indonesia needs to be done. This study aims to identify the dimensions of wellbeing from the students’s perspective. The results of the study can be considered to develop an instrument to assess student wellbeing in Indonesia. The study involved 337 junior high school students (M: 165, F: 172), aged between 12-15 years old. Open questionnaire was used to collect the data of this study. The results of this study show that student wellbeing are composed of six dimensions, namely: physical, personal, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. Description of each dimension will be discussed in this article.