2021 : Application Of Mycorrhizal Indigenous Petong Village, Tanah Merah Subdistrict, Bangkalan Madura And Rhizobium In Peanut Plants (Arachis Hypogaea) Local Varieties

Dr. Tutik Nurhidayati S.Si,M.Si.



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Tobacco is a plant that has high economic value and sensitive under waterlogging stress. Waterlogging stress has a major impact on root organs, so can change root architecture. The aim of this study to determines the root architecture of tobacco plant against periodic waterlogging stress through morphological parameters. This research using RAL (Completely Randomized Design) factorial design. The factor one is the tobacco plant varieties and the second is waterlogging stress periodically (waterlogging stress for 12 days followed by flooding stress 12 days), each of treatment has 4 replications. Morphological parameters measured root length, number of root, root diameter, number of adventitious roots, root fraction (horizontal and vertical), shoot-root ratio, IJA and ICA. The results of the study modeled using autocad and then illustrated by description. Morphological parameter research results showed that Prancak 95variety has the highest decrease 15%-78% in parameters number of root, root diameter, horizontal root fraction, IJA and ICA. Jinten variety has the highest decrease 15% in root length. Jepon emas variety has the highest decrease 35% in vertical root fraction and it has the highest increase 27%-35% in adventitious root and shoot-root ratio.