2016 : Factors influencing community-based heritage sustainability in Kampung Kemasan, Gresik

Dr. Ir. Rima Dewi MIP


Kampung Kemasan is an heritage area that still serves as a settlement in downtown Gresik, East Java. This area is also considered as a tourism area as often visited by domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the aesthetics of typical Peranakan architecture that characterizes the Kampung Kemasan and learn the culture through the village community whose mostly still have the lineage of the founder of the village. Growing tourism activities in this cultural heritage area mostly affected by the role of the community as a resident who makes these settlements still alive along with a variety of stories and the main characteristics are conserved region. This article is to describe factors influencing the sustainability of community-based heritage sustainability with its case study in Kampung Kemasan, Gresik. The analysis process are using rootcause analysis with fishbone visualization method. The findings show that some …