2014 : Bioethanol application made from biomaterial ingredient for stove and its contribution towards renewable energy usage in Indonesia

Ir. Sri Nurhatika M.P


The usages demand for renewable energy as a substitute for fossil energy, it had become primary energy source of economic wheel looks increasingly urgent. The amount of energy used in Indonesia to produce a ton product larger than world best practice, even compared to other developing countries like India, Thailand, Vietnamese, moreover compared with Korea or Japan as in standard. The renewable energy usage had very limited in industry sector even its subsector such as pulp industry paper and cement significantly using biomass. The application of a renewable energy for household sector was not easy likes in Industry generally. There were several points that should be considered such as its technology should be proved, supplies energy must be guaranteed in terms of quality, quantity and continuity with reliable infrastructure and affordable price. In 2025, renewable energy use expected to reach 25 …