2017 : Image Restoration on Copper Inscription Using Nonlinear Filtering and Adaptive Threshold

Dr. Ir. Yoyon Kusnendar Suprapto MSc.
Dr. Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno S.T., M.T.


Inscription is an important document inherited by history of kingdom. Inscription made on hard stuff such as stone and copper. Therefore it is necessary digitizing documents, to keep the authenticity of the document. But the document of the historical heritage have disruption on inscription plate which be called noise. So that, it is necessary to reduce the noise in the image of the inscription, to ease the documentation of historical digital. Then, separation between the background and the writing object carved on inscription is conducted so easy to read. This research is using nonlinear filtering method to reduce the noise and adaptive threshold to separate between the background and letter inscription. Nonlinear filtering method used is median filter, harmonic mean filter and contra harmonic mean filter, whereas in the adaptive threshold using adaptive mean and adaptive median threshold. The results of this research is …