2015 : A new model of students participation measurement in e-learning systems based on meaningful learning characteristics: An initial investigation

Prof. Ir. Arif Djunaidy M.Sc., Ph.D.
Daniel Oranova Siahaan S.Kom.,M.Sc.PD.Eng


E-learning systems have been used widely in an education system. A lot of research works have been carried out to improve their features functionalities, such as student's behavior observation, e-learning platform enhancement, and other related factors. This paper presents an initial investigation of a new model to measure student's participation during their activities inside an e-learning system. The measurement of student's participation is piloted by calculating the semantic score of relationships that may exist between e-learning activities and meaningful learning characteristics. The proposed model is expected to provide some benefits on measuring the level of student's engagement with meaningful learning characteristics in order to produce better e-learning systems.