2011 : Biodiversity of city phytostructure by incorporating indigenous knowledge for the city of Palangka Raya, Indonesia

Prof.Ir. Wahyono Hadi M.Sc Ph.D


This study was conducted to generate synergy between indigenous knowledge and regulations into scientific knowledge about the use of plants in the development of city phytostructure for the city of Palangka Raya. The extent of existing urban forest in the city was about 248.57 km² and the area still has to be expanded to 535.70 km² to meet national guidelines. In the development area would be directed as closely as possible the use of plant species in accordance with the indigenous knowledge in order to ensure biodiversity and sustainability in ecosystem management for the city. The selection of plant species involves the local inhabitants, especially the Dayak tribes who have lived for 2-3 generations. This development will cover shortage of regulations that exist in Indonesia and simultaneously enhance the use of plant species suitable for the city in various functions of city phytostructure.