2014 : Sol-gel synthesis of titanium dioxide dopping aluminum as sensor gas material

Ir. Rochman Rochiem M.Sc.


The Al-doped TiO2 samples were prepared through a sol–gel route starting from powder TiO2 dissolved in H2SO4 first. Various Al doped are 0 wt.%, 5 wt.%, 6 wt.% and dissolved in H2SO4. In order to made Al-doped TiO2, Al solution droped in TiO2 solution during stirring at 800 rpm on 250 C for 3 hours and drying gel at 350oC for 2 hours. Chip made by powder and compacted at 150 bar, following sintering process by variation temperature 700oC, 800oC and 900oC for 1 hours. Specimen was characterizedised using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). Analysis showed the addition of doping 5 wt.% Al to TiO2, obtain decrease grain size. Whereas the addition of doping 6 wt.% Al causes grain growth. And sintering 900oC doesnt’t have corellation to anatase phase transformation. Increasing doping wt.% Al, the cristal size was smaller. The higher sintering temperatur makes surface porosity has narrowed. Combination of the addition 5 wt.% Al continued sinter 900oC produces material TiO2 which has anatase phase and porous morphology. Hence, it was suitable for gas sensor material.