2014 : Behavior of precast concrete beam-to-column connection with U- And L-bent bar anchorages placed outside the column panel - experimental study

Dr. Ir. Hidayat Soegihardjo Masiran M.S
Prof.Ir. Priyo Suprobo M.Sc Ph.D
Prof. Tavio S.T. M.T. Ph.D.


An experimental work has been conducted in the laboratory to investigate the behavior of several precast concrete beam-to-column connections prepared to achieve the constructability aspect of structures. The study was performed on interior connection specimens as part of a system of moment-resisting frame, and the emphasis was put on their response behavior to cyclic loading. By observing the deformation of the structure, as was recorded via transducers and strain-gauges attached to it, an overview of the connection's behavior characteristics was obtained. The overall performance of the connection could be determined by comparing its parameters with that of an equal monolithic connection.