2015 : Embodied Energy Efficient in the Composition of Bamboo Walls and Soil Blocks Walls

Dr. Ir. Vincentius Totok Noerwasito


Wall building materials are building materials that greatly affect to building energy. One of the energy is the embodied energy in the building. Ideal building is a building that has energy efficient. Efforts to reduce the amount of energy in the building is done, are to reduce the volume of material, change the type of materials and using low energy materials. This study discussed about the embodied energy efficient due to the material of the building walls. The materials were the composition of bamboo and the soil blocN. Both of these materials have relatively low embodied energy. The aim of the study was to obtain composition of bamboo and soil blocNs wall that have a capable of producing embodied energy efficient. The method used was the optimization of all the embodied energy that is generated by a high composition of bamboo and soil blocN walls. As the model is a building with a size of 3 x 3 m. While the wall is 2.8 m high consisting of several composition of bamboo and soil blocNs walls. The composition of the bamboo and soil blocN walls is variable research. The result of research obtained a composition of high of soil blocN wall and bamboo wall is 1: 1.8, that is able to produce embodied energy efficient.