2016 : Characterization of TiC and α-Ti coating on graphite prepared by Powder Immersion Reaction Assisted Coating (PIRAC) Oxidized at 1000° C in Air

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


Study of the formation of TiC and α-Ti coating on graphite has been successfully carried out by means PIRAC method. Graphite blocks were immersed into a mixed of titanium powder containing 4 wt% iodine and then proceed at 1000 C for 10 hours in argon atmosphere. Two different treatment of graphite blocks were carried out; with and without dispersion ZrO 2 in the graphite surface before heat treatment. Characterizations of coated surface were include X-ray diffraction for phase and crystalline analysis, SEM and EDX analysis to determine the topography and distribution of elements in coated film. For sample without ZrO 2, as a result of interaction between titanium and graphite, carbon diffusion occurred and TiC coated film were formed. Whereas sample with the dispersant of ZrO 2 on the graphite surface caused diffusion of carbon into the titanium did not occur, as a result α-Ti were formed. Oxidation test at …