2015 : Application of Multivariate EMD to Improve Quality VLF-EM Data: Synthetic and Fields Data

Dr. Sungkono S.Si, M.Si


Article PreviewArticle PreviewA method for enhancing VLF˗ EM data based on Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) was presented. The noise assisted multivariate empirical mode decomposition (NA-MEMD) approach to simultaneously decompose bivariate data. The NA-MEMD is applied to enhance bivariate VLF˗ EM data. The method was also tested on a synthetic and two fields VLF-EM data sets. The results indicate that the filtered VLF˗ EM data based on the NA-MEMD results better data and easier to interpret or further analyzed. In addition, the 2D resistivity profile result estimated from the inversion of filtered VLF˗ EM data is appropriate to geological condition.