2019 : Weakly Contractive Mapping and Weakly Kannan Mapping in Partial Metric Space

Drs. Sadjidon M.Si
Sunarsini S.Si,M.Si.


In the article the concept of metric space could be expanded, one of which is a partial metric space. In the metric space, the distance of a point to itself is equal to zero, while in the partial metric space need not be equal to zero. The concept of partial metric space is used to modify Banach's contraction principle. In this paper, we discuss weakly contractive mapping and weakly Kannan mapping which are extensions of Banach's contraction principle to partial metric space together some related examples. Additionally, we discuss someLemmas which are shows an analogy between Cauchy sequences in partial metric space with Cauchy sequences in metric space and analogy between the complete metric space and the complete partial metric space.