2015 : Low-cost apartment program implementation in Surabaya metropolitan area

Dr.Ir. Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro M.Eng.
Tri Joko Wahyu Adi ST., MT., Ph.D
Farida Rachmawati S.T, M.T


The low-cost apartment development program is one of the reliable solutions to reduce housing backlog in East Java Province due to land scarcity and high price of land. There are some supporting regulations concerning low-cost apartment management and implementation. But in some aspects, existing low-cost apartment program implementation does not meet the regulation and inhabitant's need. The objectives of this research are to compare the low-cost apartment regulation and real implementation in Surabaya Metropolitan Area and to generate improvement strategies. The regulation and technical standard variables were obtained from literature review studies. The comparison parameters to better understand the low-cost apartment implementation were then observed to purposive sampling respondents from management team and 221 random sampling respondents from inhabitants. These unconformity├é┬á…