2014 : Assessment to the River Embankment Stability With Respect to Rainfall and Seismic – Induced River Embankment Failures (Case Study: Brantas River)\n

Dr.Ir. Ria Asih Aryani Soemitro M.Eng.
Moh. Muntaha ST.,MT.

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Generally, river embankment in Indonesia is usually made from insitu soil which is \nalmost always dominated by silty soil. River embankment instability is generally triggered by \nunsuitable embankment material, soil river bed condition and river morphology. Hence, soil \nimprovement need to be developed in order to obtain the optimum result for embankment \nmaterial. Soil improvement techniques are emphasized to increase the soil stability and to \nreduce the soil settlement. There are three different methods of soil improvement: mechanical \nstabilization, chemical stabilization and soil reinforcement. \n The first year research is dedicated to evaluate the field investigation that will be carried \nout on the dry and wet seasons at Bengawan Solo river (Bojonegoro city, East Java, Indonesia). \nThe river behavior and the river embankment conditions will be meticulously and thoroughly \ninvestigated in order to better understand