2015 : Mobile electronic nose architecture for beef quality detection based on internet of things technology

Prof. Drs. Ec. Ir. Riyanarto Sarno M.Sc., Ph.D


Food Is The Most Basic Human Needs. One Of Popular Type Of Food Is Beef. Beef Is A Source Of Protein That Can Broke Easily If It Is Treated Improperly. The Poor Quality Beef Leads To The Poisonous Food And Health Problem If It Is Consumed. General Way To Detect Beef Quality Is Using The Sense Of Smell However That Way Cannot Be Relied On. It Is Because Human’s Sense Of Smell Is Easily Tired And Subjective Property. Therefore, In This Research Beef Quality Detection Instrument Using Mobile Electronic Nose (Molen) Is Proposed. Molen Concept Is The Development Of Conventional E-Nose. It Applies Sensing As A Service (S2aas) Paradigm Which Tries To Increase Conventional E-Nose Ability Thorough Mobile Technology Adoption And Wireless Sensor Network (Wsn) As The Main Key In The Internet Of Things (Iot) Technology. The Utilization Of Mobile Technology And Wsn As An E-Nose Sensor Gas Will Offer Scalability And Flexibility. Molen Architecture Has Been Defined In This Paper. It Consists Of Four Layers Such As: Sensing Layer, Network Layer, Cloud Layer And Application Layer. Each Of The Layers Has Their Own Specific Functions And Challenges.