2015 : Evaluation Safety Integrity Level Using Layer of Protection Analysis in Recycle Gas First Stage Cycle Compressor at PT. Pertamina Persero

Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeprijanto M.Sc.


Protection Analysis (LOPA) for Compressor 013K101A. The advantage using this method is identifying hazard and providing evaluation Independent Protection Layer (IPL) management for compressor unit refinery IV Cilacap, PT. Pertamina Persero. HAZOP of compressor is used for identify hazard in Compressor process. Identify every IPL which prevent hazard at compressor. Determine target mitigated event likelihood (TMEL) and initiating event likelihood (IEL). The comparison of TMEL and IEL will determine target SIL. The result from SIL evaluation using will determine SIL for SIS which used for recommendation for hazard at compressor process. SIS Recommendation is done with calculates Probability failure demand (PFD) SIS with various combinations of sensors and emergency shutdown valves (ESDV) configuration. Recommendation is the combinations which SIL target which identifies 3 hazards level. Case 1 needs SIL 2 with PFD value 0.0063. Case 2 got no SIL with PFD value 0.3600; therefore SIS isn’t needed for condition. Case 3 got no SIL with PFD value 3.6000. Therefore SIS isn’t needed for Case 3. SIS recommendation for case is PLC logic will