2015 : Characterization of Mg0. 8Zn0. 2TiO3 Prepared via Liquid Phase Sintering

Prof. Dr. Suasmoro


Article PreviewArticle PreviewMg 0.8 Zn 0.2 TiO 3 powder was synthesized by dissolved method and calcined at 550 C for 4 hours. The powder exhibited single phase of Mg 0.8 Zn 0.2 TiO 3 and nano size particle. Sintered pellet samples were prepared by compacting calcined powder which contains 4wt% B 2 O 3 (MZTA), 4wt% Bi 2 O 3 (MZTB) as liquid additive and non-additive sample (MZTC). Phase identification and its percentage were analyzed based on XRD pattern using Rietveld method. The result shows major phase Mg 0.8 Zn 0.2 TiO 3 ranging from 72.83% for MZTA, 77.9% for MZTB and 82.61% for MZTC. Furthermore, minor phases were identified as Mg 2 TiO 4 and other trace compound Mg 3 TiO 2 (BO 3) 2 for boron additive. Sintered pellet densities were determined by Archimedes method indicate that Bi 2 O 3 additive has the most effective for densification. Microstructure characterization using …