2016 : The effect of water pore condition to shear strength and compression behavior of stabilized fibrous peat mixing lime Caco3and rice husk ash

Prof.Ir. Noor Endah M.Sc Ph.D



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Peat soil is an organic soil with high void ratio and water content, therefore peat soils have a low shear strength and high compressibility. Stabilization method is one method that was applied to increase the shear strength and reduce the compression of peat soil. However, the addition of admixture can cause reduction of peat soil water content. Besides, clearing of peat land and construct the canal in peat areas can reduce their water content which results in shear strength and compression behavior of peat soil. based on this case, laboratory studies conducted to determine the effect of pore water condition in original peat and stabilized peat to the shear strength and compressibility. Results of laboratory tests showed that reduction water content in original peat can increase shear strength and decrease its compression. In the stabilized peat soil, increasing shear strength and decreasing compression caused by the formation CaSiO3 gel that fill peat pore and wrap fibers peat. However, the stabilization when water conditions below 80% initial Water content can not increase shear strength and reduce its compression because the formation of gel does not react properly due to the condition of minimum water in peat pore.