2015 : Experimental and Estimation of Vapor-Liquid Equilibria in AqueousElectrolyte System: CO2-K2CO3-MDEA+ DEA-H2O

Prof.Ir. Ali Altway M.Sc
Prof.Dr.Ir. Kuswandi DEA


Absorption with chemical reaction process of CO2 gas using K2CO3solution or known as hot potassiumcarbonate promoted with amine was widely used in many chemical industries. DEA and MDEA mixture wasproposed as promoter. Vapor-liquid equilibrium (VLE) data of CO2-K2CO3-MDEA+ DEA-H2O system areneeded for rational design and optimal operation of CO2 removal unit. The purpose of this research is todertermine solubility data of CO2 gas in aqueous solution of potassium carbonate with DEA and MDEA as apromotor at various temperatures of 30-50 C with 30% K2CO3, 1-3% MDEA and 1-3% DEA. The CO2solubility is very important property when establishing thermodynamics models for the VLE. In order to obtainthe CO2 solubility, the normal procedure is to use the N2O analogy since the CO2 solubility cannot be directlymeasured. Solubility was measured volumetrically in absorption flask …