2013 : Territoriality in the traditional settlement context

Prof.Ir. Happy Ratna Sumartinah M.Sc, Ph.D
Ir. Muhammad Faqih MS


This research is a literature study which discusses the concept of territoriality space theory. The observation focus in the context of traditional settlement, which emphasize on the social and cultural aspect that related to the social system and physical culture in traditional settlement context. The aim of this study to seek and uncover gap knowledge of space territoriality concept or theory that has been widely studied and researched, whether it has been done in more depth in behavioral and cultural aspects of society? Is the context of the traditional settlement has been studied in more depth and comprehensively?. Traditional settlements as the physical environment or setting is unique, and the distinctiveness have not been studied and examined in more depth. Territoriality is the relationship between space with humans, the study approach with a focus on cultural norms, and different societies will generate a form and a different concept of space. Finally, the results based on literature review shows that the concept or theory of territoriality in the traditional settlements context in more depth and comprehensively in the aspects of culture and behavior has not been done. Therefore, a specify and comprehension study of territoriality space on the traditional settlement need to be done, in order to find out an adequate formula related to territoriality space on the traditional settlement.