2016 : Noise Tolerable PID Controller for Load Frequency Control (LFC) in Multi Area Power Plant

Dr.Ir. Mochammad Rameli


Noise Tolerable PID Controller had been introduced in previous work and notice that it can improve the system performance by reducing the fluctuation on derivative control action of PID controller on Load Frequency Controller (LFC). However, this proposed method was applied to single power plant and located on primary control loop. This scheme was not suitable with the real condition, which it has some interconnections between multi area power plant and LFC was configured on secondary loop that should be minimize the fluctuation of the frequency of the Grid. In this study, a new configuration of Noise Tolerable PID Controller was proposed to be able to implement on the Multi Area Power Plant and also located on secondary control loop. By adding low pass filter (LPF) and averaged on derivative action of PID controller, two steam power plants was selected to simulate and evaluate the performance of …