2014 : Performance Comparison of P, PI, PD, and PID Modified Cross-Coupled Control for Minimizing Contour Error of 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine

Dr.Ir. Mochammad Rameli


Dynamic friction between cutting tool and workpiece on 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine was occurred when feeding process. This condition leads to change each motor load, especially contour error of X and Y axis. Cross-coupled control was designed to minimize the contour error. Although many research of cross coupled control, there was no specific discussion about the best method for crosscoupled gain. In this paper, P, PI, PD, and PID controller was selected as candidate of crosscoupled gain, and then find the minimum contour error. Stability analysis are also discussed to determine the gain value of each candidate. PD Controller had been more widely stability areas than others. The minimum contour error was also occurred while PD controller selected as crosscoupled gain with RMSE value 0, 1779%.